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Just a reminder to all who wish to donate books please try to visit us during library hours so we may take care of these items immediately. It would be a shame if they were left outside and damaged by weather.

History of Fremont Public Library

As is often the case with small-town libraries, we too pride ourselves on being the focal point of our town for centuries, a community and cultural center for many generations of its inhabitants. Throughout centuries, the Fremont Public Library has been growing with the town, catering for its reading needs and engaging our community in literacy and learning.

  • How it All Began

    Our beginnings can be traced back to the Sorosis Library, opened on the 2nd floor of the bank building in March 1910. It was not open for everyone, as only the members of Sorosis and other residents who donated $1 a year, could use its services.

  • Our New Beginnings as the Fremont Public Library

    However, this library could not satisfy the needs of our small town's people, yearning for books and education. As it turned out, the Sorosis Library was only a prelude to the founding of the Fremont Public Library born ten years later, in 1919. We did not have to start from scratch, as all the books donated to the Sorosis library were then transferred to the Fremont Public Library, including bound volumes, pamphlets, bulletins and other equipment, as per request of the Library Board. Our new library was housed in the former Congregational Church Building on the corner of Albion and Pleasant streets.

  • Moving to Another Location

    This was the location of the Fremont Public Library until 1982, when, in search of the facility suitable for housing its increasing book collection, it moved to the former high school building on the corner of North and Coffin streets and remained there until 2003.

  • Our Last Stop on W.Toledo street

    Thanks to donations from the Fremont area residents who garnered a great public support, in 2003 we were finally able to relocate to our present building on W. Toledo street. With over 51.000 titles, our library is one of the leading libraries in the region and its building one of the most beautiful in our town. Fremont Public Library serves residents of Fremont, Clear Lake, and Jamestown Townships.

  • Proud of Our Mission

    Looking back on our humble beginnings, we are proud of our community mission of educating people and creating community-focused programs. As it was the case when we started, our goal is to ensure that every member of our community has access to books and literacy.


Thank you to the staff at Learning Express for their generous donation of new children's books. Also thank you to the anonymous donor who left so many excellent children's books outside our door.

A Big thank you to Sarah Lamirande for her donation of brand new VHS tape rewinders and a box of thermal paper rolls for our receipt printer!!
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