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Just a reminder to all who wish to donate books please try to visit us during library hours so we may take care of these items immediately. It would be a shame if they were left outside and damaged by weather.

About Fremont Public Library

Circulation Policies

Fremont Public Library has different kinds of Circulation Policies:

Loan periods

Fremont Public library has different loan periods, depending on the product. There is a 2 week loan period for books, magazines, and audios, and 1 week loan for videos and holiday books.


For the following categories, there is no renewal option: Videos, Adult New shelf items, holiday books, and other items that are on hold for another patron.

The following categories have one renewal option: Teen, YA, and Juvenile New items.

For all of the other items, there is two renewals option.

Items can be renewed online, by phone, or at the circulation desk. All of the products can be returned via outside drop box.

In the case of delay, the fees per business day are following: 0.5 for books, magazines, and audios, and 0.25 for videos.

When it comes to circulation limits, vary by categories:

  • - Adult: 25 items total
  • - Juvenile: 10 items
  • - Videos: 5 items
  • - New items: 5
  • - Holiday or display items: 3

If the item is lost, it will be charged according to the current replacement cost. If the item is returned undamaged within 90 days, it will be charged without the overdue fines, so the refunds will be paid off after the next Board of Trustees meeting, or it will be transferred to a consumer credit card.

If some items are damaged, patrons should not try to repair it, but return it to the library. If the item cannot be repaired, it will be charged full price.

If the library card is lost, it will be charged $1.00

Patron's privileges will be suspended if one's fines get higher than $3.00.

Safety and Courtesy Policies

As any other similar institution, Fremont Public Library has its safety policies:

  • - All of the children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by adults.
  • - If the minors are in the library at the closing time and are not capable to go home on their own, the library personnel will contact Police and/or Child Protective Services
  • - Disruptive behavior is not allowed in the library
  • - Mobiles can be used only in the lower lobby and entrance foyer
  • - The maximum computer usage time is 2 hours, and the use of the internet is restricted to 30 minutes.
  • - Smoking is not allowed within or near the library.

Library Cards

In this section, conditions for getting the card will be elaborated.

In order to receive library cards, one must meet the following conditions:

  • - He has to be citizen of Fremont, Jamestown or Clear Lake Townships;
  • - Regularly pay taxes;
  • - Possess a Fremont Community Schools Identification Card;

If one does not fulfill one or a few of these conditions, he must either:

  • - Buy non-resident card
  • - Order a Public Library Access Card from one's home library.
  • - Order a library card from Fremont's reciprocal library, Carnegie Public Library.

The borrowers' lower age limit is 5 years. Persons that are less than 18 years old have to submit parent/legal guardian's signature. Adults have to submit their identification card (ID or driver's license) and proof of eligibility.


Thank you to the staff at Learning Express for their generous donation of new children's books. Also thank you to the anonymous donor who left so many excellent children's books outside our door.

A Big thank you to Sarah Lamirande for her donation of brand new VHS tape rewinders and a box of thermal paper rolls for our receipt printer!!
Fremont Public Library      603-895-9543 www.librarywebsites.com